On Sales | HBR Post: Yes, You Can Learn to Sell

There is a fun Hindi term: Sale’oo. Which essentially means a person in the Sales profession… but the word is surprisingly close to ‘chaloo’, which, loosely translated, is a cunning, crafty person.

Fail. Sales is a most noble, most gratifying profession.

I have never been in what is commonly called ‘field sales’, but have covered all the other aspects of the sales cycle. And might I say, I am mighty proud of it.

In my book, there are just two parts to a business. Sales and Delivery. Everything else is support.

Here’s a fine article from HBR.



Duct-Tape, and why nobody buys from you.

Have been in the process of reading this amazing book called duct-tape marketing. Will review when I am done.

Here though is an article from (and the blog of) John Jantsch, the writer of that book.

10 reasons why I don’t buy from you.