{grow} | The Three Most Dangerous Social Media Metrics

This is absolutely awesome. Please read…

from the {grow} Blog: The Three Most Dangerous Social Media Metrics

I remember at a (recently) former company, the social media emphasis was on the number of posts written, the number of hits et al. Unfortunately: the website of the company had fewer hits than some of the better written blogs by employees (…even, blush blush, this blog); the company’s twitter feed had fewer followers than a couple of the company’s employees’. The reason was simple, the content on the website and blog were, as you could imagine, poor….

It is unfortunate.


From HubSpot : the 6 marketing metrics your CEO actually cares about

Another of our now-famous (eh, not quite yet) ‘Please-Read’s. This is from HubSpot’s Internal Marketing Blog – which we have been following with interest.

Please Read This; Link Here.

This post talks about the 6 marketing metrics your CEO actually cares about. One of us has been in Sales-and-Marketing consulting, and he vouchs that this works everytime with client CEOs.

Especially the first two. As for the M%-CAC benchmarks (as suggested by HubSpot) we can tell you that the first and the third are good thumb rules – that’s around the ballpark numbers that our organizations followed.