Don’t hire a salesperson if he/she asks these questions

Great blog post

Don’t hire a salesperson if he/she asks these questions

From the Artful Thinker Blog.


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Do you read of course you do, it’s just sillies like (only one of) us, and thanks to the other two for introducing that one silly(me, unfortunately) to it.

This is a great post from there: 5 Questions Great Job Candidates Ask.

Nothing too fancy, really. But really good. Prosaic and sensible…. good.

I will give myself a pat ont he back that the first question – what would you expect me to achieve in the first 90 days, is a question I have asked on interviews, and often, and have been happy with the interviewers’ responses.

A nice follow up would be a post which talks about the 5 questions one should never ask (and not the obvious ones). Let’s go find something for you, dear reader.