Our society and the culture of ‘Thank You’

You must have read the article already:

HBR| How to give a meaningful Thank You

We have been thinking about it for last couple of months, and every time the logic is boiling down to the following

Human Beings [Social Beings [Professionals [White Collar/ Blue Collar: Hierarchy]]]
So if you devise any policy/ rule or create a corporate DNA or do behavioral development etc, keeping the above Ideal logic in mind; this will ensure that things automatically fall in place..
Let me explain the Ideal logic:
First, we are human beings – Humanity needs to be there in behavior/ policy/ law/ action/ etc etc
Second, we are social beings (remember, we are human beings first, and then the social beings) – Social customs/ norms should get the required respect in every event
Third, we are professional (remember, we are social being first, and then the professionals) – Nothing to explain, maintain professionalism
Fourth is self explanatory
Point here is, we/ companies/ institutions etc follow the reverse order –
Generally Observed (and flawed):
People are first treated on the bases of their “Collar” or their “Hierarchical Position” in the organization. Accordingly, the respect is given and behavior is shown. Then, everyone gets the treatment as a professional; social stuff is considered irrelevant for the job…think deeply it is very important to satisfy the social needs. Anyhow, then the social treatment is received by human beings (I would say social constraints are received)…A human being wants to enjoy his favorite food, but it is impressed upon him that he follows the table manner…don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you don’t follow the table manners, but sometimes Desired is given preference over Required….surely, everybody needs to be with in the control points…..
The irony is, apparently the least important thing in the entire generally observed behavioral paradigm, is Human Beings getting treated as human beings!
So… how will you run your organization? Will you, like everyone else, give lip service to respect for co-employees? Remember this though: If you cannot be human to your co-workers, they will only respect your seat / your position, and never you.

HBR Post: You are rude because your boss is rude. Plus, an apology.

Another on the read-this series. HBR is great, aren’t they?

And while this blog might seem like re-posting way too many HBR articles, the only way we can stop it is if HBR starts posting a lot of trash. Which won’t  happen. So….

Here’s why you are rude at work. Because your boss is rude at work.

Additional reading suggestion would be the book ‘The No – Asshole Rule” by Robert I. Sutton. (Amazon.com link here). I liked the book without being overwhelmed by it.


(Where’s the apology, you ask. Okay, here it is. A colleague complained on reading the previous post that while we have spoken about ‘Death by SEO’, most of the visitors to the blog came here for the metrics. So where are the metrics? Isn’t my anti-SEO rant basically typically SEO-rich fluff?


Okay, here’s what we will do. we will put a post on this blog soon about my adventures with Learning and Development / Competency Management metrics… along with some definite guidelines i.e. some fluff and some meat. How’s that?)