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This is how a departing CEO should write a farewell note

Groupon’s Andrew Mason’s note to his organization after his sacking (from the AllThingsD site)

Awesome! No self-pity; heartfelt, and positive.


Merely Sharing: Electronic Writing Pads

With this post, we will start sharing stuff around the internet that we have read recently. The series will be called ‘Merely Sharing’.

Many of these are only peripherally linked to what we generally write about on this blog. These are not the ‘Read This’ posts either, which we implore you to read, they are so good.

These are and will still be somewhat related to the world of Business (No Kidding!), but not directly to the general theme of this blog. We will preface the headline with the phrase ‘Merely Sharing’, so you, dear reader, will know immediately that this is not the normal blog post. We think this is important, now that this blog is having some readership.

So okay, to today’s Merely Sharing:

Electronic Writing Pads (Link here)

There has been an interesting project we had been working on, and this research on Electronic Writing Pads was part of it. This article especially is a nice deep-dive on the product, and variants.

Would you, dear reader, know more about this? Tell us. Educate us.