About Virtual Ruby

Virtual Ruby came about in early 2012, however it has been germinating for about two years before that. It started with (and still consists primarily of) three vociferously argumentative consultants former consultants (now respectively a Product Manager, IT Program Manager and Marketing Manager), whose specialties diverge and interests converge. Probably the phrase most used in conversations between ourselves, is ‘Fair point, but…..”.

We have the organizational behavior specialist who considers himself more than anything else as a kernel programmer, the sales and marketing strategist who is happiest being called an analyst, and the IT program manager who would rather go back to his earliest vocation, that of being a consultant entrepreneur. An eclectic bunch, you’d say?

What really brings us together is a wish….. we’d rather say a need to share the experience we have gathered in all these years. As one of us is prone to saying, knowledge is the only thing that increases by sharing.

So here we are to share what we know. Please read the blog, and engage in conversation. Follow us @DImplementers in Twitter, Like us on Facebook (what we would truly like, is to be liked. Really). Let’s talk. Let’s have a bit of an argument.

email us at dreamimplementers@gmail.com if you would like to connect with us.

PS: Views are, of course, personal; and in no ways associated with companies, organizations, forums or groups we are or have been part of.

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