HBR Post: You are rude because your boss is rude. Plus, an apology.

Another on the read-this series. HBR is great, aren’t they?

And while this blog might seem like re-posting way too many HBR articles, the only way we can stop it is if HBR starts posting a lot of trash. Which won’t  happen. So….

Here’s why you are rude at work. Because your boss is rude at work.

Additional reading suggestion would be the book ‘The No – Asshole Rule” by Robert I. Sutton. (Amazon.com link here). I liked the book without being overwhelmed by it.


(Where’s the apology, you ask. Okay, here it is. A colleague complained on reading the previous post that while we have spoken about ‘Death by SEO’, most of the visitors to the blog came here for the metrics. So where are the metrics? Isn’t my anti-SEO rant basically typically SEO-rich fluff?


Okay, here’s what we will do. we will put a post on this blog soon about my adventures with Learning and Development / Competency Management metrics… along with some definite guidelines i.e. some fluff and some meat. How’s that?)



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