Incredible India and the Chocolate Stores in US Shopping Malls

This is a guest post, speaking about servicescape and managing the customer experience for something as intangible as a country – for tourism


It will probably be safe to say that India has historically been poor at Servicescape and Customer Experience – there is almost always a preference for very cost-conscious, no frills service – and I cannot say that they are wrong. I will be happy to be proven wrong, but there are few examples of non-elite services that have been successful due to the customer experience.
However, I would like to speak about one specific brand, which in my opinion, has done extremely well, better than many other…. due to the servicescape experience managed by the ads (and the tagline as well) and that is Brand India, by the Indian Tourism department. Making something which is very intangible- tangible, so tangible that you can literally sense it… that’s a great ad.

Did you ever see the Incredible India ads on the tele? If you haven’t, please visit youtube and check out some of them….
What does the image of India conjure up, for you?
A riot of sights, smells and colors… of cultural diversity… an old country of temples and mosques; and a new country of IT and a thriving economy? See the ad below. You cannot make them touch and smell the stuff… but with the below ad, you can make them imagine. Go take a look, this is right there in youtube.


A great example of using smell as a Servicescape medium are the chocolate stores at the US shopping malls. I have a bit of a sweet tooth. there is this wonderful fresh, warm whiff of chocolates that emanate from this store that it literally dims out every other smell in the ambiance… and get you drawn in to the shop. And then, coming in, a free sample or two….
Yes, I am health conscious, yes, I desperately tried to control my urge….. but had to make a $200 chocolate buying micro-spree.
And they were good!


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