Entrepreneur.com : How to get your name out there as a Startup // Suggested read : No Money Marketing

This is a fine short video (from Entrepreneur.com) on getting your name out there, which is especially important for a Startup. Do take  a look.

A follow-up read I would strongly suggest is the book ‘No Money Marketing” by Jessie Paul. Jessie is the ex-CMO of Wipro, and is now the owner and MD of Paul Writer, a marketing consulting firm. She was the marketing consultant to Anthelio, one of our previous organizations (in fact, the only company where all three of us worked together). Learnt a lot from working with her, of course.

Will be shameless in telling you that I read most of this book standing in a bookshop waiting for a flight … but well, I did buy the book eventually. So there, we can be (almost) freeloaders sometimes.


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