Training vs Development (Why Leadership Devp. Training fails – from Forbes)


Why do the plethora of leadership development training programs fail? – Click here to get to the main article.

Very interesting point. Many of us have been subjected to Leadership Development programs. Did you gain anything?

For the matter I guess all of us have been subjected to multitudes of soft-skills development programs. did you ever gain anything out of them? Speaking for myself (Shom), I gained all of the soft skills (which I claim to have) by observation, and a good part of my subject-matter skills through training.

So there. Taking a stand. You?

(PS: No, this blog is not changing track. There will be many more articles on strategy, pricing, proposal management etc…. i.e. the original posts. But along with those, moving forward, we will sometimes put in links to some of the interesting articles we read, along with our observations, on this blog)


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